“People don’t only watch dance, they also experience a fragment of humanity.” Hagit Yakira  

Hagit Yakira dancde explores socio-cultural issues of our time, poetically interweaving human experiences and dance and putting accessibility at the heart of creation and presentation. With emotion at its core and a sophisticated movement style, the work resonates intimately with audiences, it connects people through subtle and striking dance. 
In 2007 Hagit left her performing and teaching career to start a dance company dedicated to open, relevant and relatable work informed by her background in Dance Movement Therapy.  Hagit leads her company with infectious energy, enthusiasm and a genuine interest in her collaborators’ own artistic voices and stories.
The company today is a collective of artists, collaborators, professional and non-professional dancers simply sharing her vision and an appreciation for dance as a down-to-earth medium for expression and connection.  
The company has delivered performances at; British Dance Edition, Sadler’s Wells, Laban Theatre, Dance4, Swindon Dance, Tanzfestival Winterthur Switzerland, Teatr im. S. I. Witkiewicza Poland, Jersey Arts Centre and Plymouth University. The company has toured to venues in Bristol, Exeter, Leeds, Edge Hill, Chichester, Lincoln and Lincolnshire, Bath, Wolverhampton, York, Halifax, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and Israel.  
Hagit Yakira dance continues to create work that is emotionally intelligent whilst remaining accessible to all. 

..the work of a rare choreographer who knows what she wants and knows how to get it and then gives it to you. ★★★★★ Plays to See

It takes some skill and professionalism to pull off something like this, and choreographer Hagit Yakira has it in spades. ★★★★★ London Theatre 1

Hagit Yakira’s work stands out because it radiates generosity. It feels like it wants you to understand, to share with you its ideas...  Exuent Magazine

Yakira does not so much create a performance as encapsulate a state of being. Free Falling is a subdued, almost hypnotic work, emphasised by composer Sabio Janiak’s equally soft and lulling music, but it is none the less engaging. Londondance.com

Eloquently crafted and beautifully performed ★★★★ The Londonist 

The format is esoteric, the mood is warm—a winning combination Fjord review

there is something akin to a ‘lightness of spirit’ at work in the most genuine sense. ★★★★ Exeunt Magazine

Her choreography is lined throughout with a warmth and intimacy that radiates into the audience, drawing us into these engaging dancers’ eclectic episodes of activity. London Dance.com

it is one that affords no excuse to decline an opportunity to witness it. Frost Magazine

one runs the gamut of pretty much all human emotions throughout the show’s duration. The Upcoming 


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