We’re excited to announce that rehearsals have started for the research phase of Hagit’s brand new production If One Keeps Walking… 

With generous support from the Arts Council England and in partnership with Laban Theatre and Sadler’s WellsIf One Keeps Walking will be an interactive promenade performance that concludes on stage, performed by a cast of professional and non-professional dancers.

Hagit is thrilled to be realising her concept for the work and to be in the studio with her collaborators once again; performers Sophie Arstall, Verena Schneider, Jennifer-Lynn Crawford and Tiia Ojala; apprentices Live Skullerud, Wilhelmina Ojana and Synne Elve Enoksen; sound artist Portia Winter, composer Sabio Janiak and dramaturge Lou Cope. The work will be produced alongside Lydia Wharf who is delighted to join the team.

You may also have seen Hagit’s ‘call-out’ for participants recently? For the first time, the company will be working with a large participatory cast of 45 performers, drawn from the diverse local communities around Trinity Laban and Sadlers’ Wells.

Over the next few weeks, the research phase of If One Keeps Walking will interrogate the many different aspects of traveling; slowing down, speeding up, stopping, connecting, interacting and watching. 

The research phase for this project will culminate in a sharing at Laban Theatreon Thursday 26th July at 8pm, followed by a Q&A session.

If you’d like to join us please contact Hagit or Lydia but note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Our Spring 2018 tour just finished and we were excited and moved to see so many of you joining us around the UK. Free Falling - a double bill has been on a national and international tour for almost two years. And it is time to put it on hold and to start something new. Free Falling - a double bill will be back on tour in 2019.

Here are some thoughts and reviews audience members shared with us:

"It was honestly something INCREDIBLE to witness. I was smiling the whole way through at delight in how exquisitely crafted it was. I admire your committment to honing something truly excellent and alive and breathing".  

"I haven’t been so moved by anything for such a long time. It was all so incredibly simple and so deep at the same time. As probably every member of the audience I felt that this piece speaks about me, my weaknesses, my desires, my fears… All dancers were just extremely beautiful, I watched them revealing themselves with a big respect and in amazement." 

"This whole experience left me feel awakened..."

And here is a quote from the Exuent Magazine: "Contemporary dance, like its visual art equivalent, can have a bad reputation.... it doesn’t really seem like the people speaking the language want you to know it. Hagit Yakira’s work stands out because it radiates generosity. It feels like it wants you to understand, to share with you its ideas...". For the whole article please click here

AIR HUNGER at the Royal Albert Hall & More 

Our Spring 2018 is an exciting one. On the 24th May Sophie Arstall and Verena Schneider will perform Air Hunger alongside 50 dancers and non-dancers at the Royal Albert Hall as part of PLATINUM: CELEBRATING ISRAEL AT 70.  

Hagit is back with a performance project to Norway, at the UIS, reshaping abstracts from: ''...in the middle with you'. Performing at Tou Scene, Stavanger on the 31st May at 18.00 and 20.00

Air Hunger is a part of the Hidden Doors Festival, Edinburgh. Performing three times on the 2nd June. For more information click here 

Hagit was commissioned to create a new work 'Crescendo' for the Centro Opus Ballet research dancers 

Hagit will be teaching at ID morning classes between the 11th- 15th June. For more information please click here

Hagit will be back teaching at the Trinity Laban Summer School and the incredible ImpulsTanz, Vienna.

Hagit is now back teaching some of her popular Friday classes at The Place as well as giving a monthly workshop at Tripspace, London. 


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