If One Keeps Walking (summer 2018 London)

Watch this space for the lovely article about Hagit's work and If One Keeps Walking at Gazette Magazine, Royal Academy of Dance, UK.


"The purpose of dance is people" Gazette Magazine

Free Falling (tour autumn 2017& spring 2018)

"If one ‘does’ dance fully – there is a promise that there will be a constant personal development – mentally, physically and intellectually" - Dance Direct Blog 


""Contemporary dance, like its visual art equivalent, can have a bad reputation.... it doesn’t really seem like the people speaking the language want you to know it. Hagit Yakira’s work stands out because it radiates generosity. It feels like it wants you to understand, to share with you its ideas...". Exuent Magazine 

Free Falling (tour Spring 2017)

"I am influenced by everything that has a humanistic approach – everything that evolves around emotions and requires depth and reflection on human nature. " - Interview on


"Dance felt too self-observed, too self-centred, and I wanted to do something with my love to dance, I wanted to help people with this, and this is why I went to study dance movement therapy." - Preview on London News Online


“How the piece is structured, forces me to want more.” – Maria Kristina Klungnes Berg, student from Northern School of Contemporary Dance


“[Hagit] is able to nurture the very best out of her extremely honest, playful and vulnerable dancers.” – Jessica Fraulo Ryder, student from Northern School of Contemporary Dance


“… through its simplicity and honesty touches us where it matters the most.” Matilda Bjärum Bengtsson, student from Northern School of Contemporary Dance BA1

Free Falling (Wild Card, Sadler's Wells October 2016) 

...the work of a rare choreographer who knows what she wants and knows how to get it and then gives it to you. ★★★★★ Plays to See


It takes some skill and professionalism to pull off something like this, and choreographer Hagit Yakira has it in spades. ★★★★★ London Theatre 1


Yakira does not so much create a performance as encapsulate a state of being. Free Falling is a subdued, almost hypnotic work, emphasised by composer Sabio Janiak’s equally soft and lulling music, but it is none the less engaging. the middle with you (Tour 2015)

Eloquently crafted and beautifully performed ★★★★ The Londonist 


The format is esoteric, the mood is warm—a winning combination Fjord review


there is something akin to a ‘lightness of spirit’ at work in the most genuine sense. ★★★★ Exeunt Magazine the middle with you (Laban Theatre, November 2013)

Her choreography is lined throughout with a warmth and intimacy that radiates into the audience, drawing us into these engaging dancers’ eclectic episodes of activity. London


it is one that affords no excuse to decline an opportunity to witness it. Frost Magazine


one runs the gamut of pretty much all human emotions throughout the show’s duration. The Upcoming 

Dance classes
Contemporary Jazz (Dance Works, November 2012)

I loved the freedom and fluidity of the class; moreover, the teacher was so passionate and positively supportive of her class. Dance Works


Interpretive dance (Dance Works, September 2013)

By the end of the session, I'm unexpectedly ecstatic on endorphins. Tatler



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