Domenico Angarano was born and raised in Napoli (1981). He achieved a degree in jazz in the conservatory of music 'San Pietro a Majella', and specialised through several workshops in Italy (Nuoro jazz, Siena jaz, Ismez orchestra) and in the US (Medeski Martin & Wood camp in Woodstock, NY). He published albums in Italy, US, and UK as a composer, arranger, and session musician. He then started a specialization in applied music, starting his career as a composer for films, documentaries, adverts, and contemporary dance productions and created his own company (Zerocrossing Audio Postproduction). His unique element is the use of innovative sounds and his concept of arrangement, never banal or 'traditional'. His research, mainly inspired from Miles Davis and MMW as well as from Steve Coleman, is based on the concept of free expression in solo and collective improvisation, based on the concept that rhythm is the only element that, by itself, can express and define any kind of musical concept.

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