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Spring 2020: Come Together a new commission for the 3rd year students at the University of Stavanger, an online live zoom performance.

Spring 2019: Sea of Details a new commission for Edge Dance Company, London Contemporary Dance School. 

Spring 2019: University of Stavanger - 3rd year students, final show, From a Sway

Summer 2019: Trinity Laban 3rd year students, graduation show So Be It

Summer 2018: a new community project for 50 dancers and non-dancers at the Royal Albert Hall as part of PLATINUM: CELEBRATING ISRAEL AT 70.  

Summer 2018: A performance project - teaching extracts of '...in the middle with you' for the students of UIS, Stavanger, Norway

Spring 2018: Walk On the Soft Side a new choreography for the 3rd year students at the University of Stavanger, Norway.

Spring 2018: a new commission for the Witkacy Theatre company, Zakopane, Poland.

Spring 2018: Energies and Details a new commission for the research students at the Centro Opus Ballet Florence, Italy.

Autumn 2017 - Free Falling - extract teaching rep for the 1st year at the University of Stavanger, Norway 

Autumn 2017 - The ar/ct of moving forward creating a new work for Transition Dance Company, Trinity-Laban. 

Autumn 2016 - A Dance a new choreography with the dancers of på tå hev 2016, rogalandsgruppa in Norway, Stavanger, this will be performed at the Opera House, Oslo in December 2016. 

Summer 2017 - Free Falling - extracts repertoire course for the London Contemporary Dance School, London 2nd year students. 

Spring 2017 - About Touch creating a new choreography MAP Dance Company, Chichester University, UK. 

Spring 2017 - Traveling choreographing a new work for the CAT students in Birmingham for their final show.

Spring 2017 - GO! choreographing for the YDance dancers in Glasgow, Scotland

Spring 2017 - leading a creative research in Centro Opus Ballet in Florence Italy  

Summer 2016 - About Time Creating a new work for the graduation show for the 3rd year students at London Contemporary Dance School, London.

Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016 - Teaching the duet Air Hunger & ...in the middle with you to the postgraduate students and BA3 students at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds UK. 

Autumn 2015 - Falling again? Leading a choreographic project and creating new work for the BA3 at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds UK.

Spring 2016 - The moment I fall I recover again & The Song a guest choreographer at the University of Stavanger, Norway creating new choreographic works for the BA4 and BA3 students. 

Spring 2015 - The only time I feel good falling A guest choreographer  at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance NSCD, Leeds, creating the piece: 'The only time I feel good falling' 

Autumn 2014 - 2B - extracts A guest choreographer at the University of Stavanger teaching Repertoire of Hagit Yakira dance 

Spring 2014 - Stuck in the middle with you A guest choreographer at the University of Stavanger choreographing.

Summer 2012 — Wild creating a choreography for Dance United.

Summer 2012 - Big Dance Leading a performance project for Big Dance in collaboration with JCC.

Autumn 2011 — Sunday Morning - extracts Leading a choreographic project for Trinity-Laban's students based on the piece ‘Sunday Morning’.

Winter 2011 — Leading a Performance Project at the Place for the Bloomberg Company — ‘Bloomberg staff project’ — a community project for 15 dancers, performed at The Place and the Bloomberg Festvial.

Winter 2011 — A mini Dance Leading a Performance Project for the Sandown Bay Academy in collaboration with The Quay Arts Centre, for theatre and dance students.

Summer 2009 — It is a Hello Leading Performance Projects for Trinity-Laban's Students, creating the piece: 'It is a hello'.

Winter 2009 — 20 Women Leading the Performance Project at The Place for the community adult students, creating the piece: '20 Women' 



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