In Hagit’s new creative – research work, which links in one way or another to her PhD, Hagit is revisiting the myth of Psyche, a mortal woman on a journey of self-knowledge with reference to Carl Jung’s psychoanalytic perspectives.

In our current cultural, social and artistic discourses we do not discuss enough (if at all) the ‘feminine’ or femininity. Nor do we see it enough in different artistic expressions and events. Therefore Hagit’s new research project aims to give an academic and scientific contextualization, methodology and terminology to the ‘feminine’. Additionally and inevitably it questions how and on what ground feminism and the ‘feminine’ can co-exist and inter-relate.

The myth of Psyche, as Jung understands it, is a complex story about qualities of life and human nature; it is not necessarily about gender. What he attributes to Psyche and her journey, are feminine qualities that enable self-awareness. They generate a deep understanding of oneself, and are not what might be the cultural understanding of femininity. These qualities are those that make one work hard, they are about failure, vulnerability, fragility and seeing all these as strengths rather than weaknesses. They are based on dependency, on community, on seeing and listening and sharing a space. What we are sharing with you this time, is a first attempt to form some of Psyche’s energies as Jung analyzes it, into movement, in performance and film.

Choreographer: Hagit Yakira

Performers and collaborators

Performers/collaborators: Amy Pender, Carl Joseph Aquilizan, Ane Iselin Brogeland, Helene Düring Kjær, Ingvild Maria Thingnes, Hanne Kristine Jensen

Composition/vocals/live electronics: Anna Klungre

Vocals: Bjergsted Vokalensemble (Adele Sortvik, Adriana Døsvik, Alessia Ardelean, Aurora Barstad Andresen, Jonah Mattias Nybø Lowry, Maren Resell Sørheim, Marie Vikingstad, Synne Bergem Lia)

Dance students BA1 (University of Stavanger): Andrea Maaseide, Emily Foss Morgan, Hannah Gjessen Page, Helia Rivière, Ida Andersson, Linus Ottosson, Live Karlsen, Pernille Baade, Solveig Oliv Aune

Filmmaker: Kiraly Saint Claire

Photographer: Morten Berentsen

Media: Inbar Jeffery

Dramaturge: Eva Martinez

Producer: Ingvild Maria Thingnes

Community participants (live performers): Anna Tvedt, Christina Liv Madland, Ella V. Krøger, Hanna Ju Nilsen, Heidi Kristiansen, Helene Gabriela, Ingrid Lausund Tengesdal, Jenny Sanchez, Julius Michielsen, Katarina Stefanovic, Keira Reina, Lidiia Obolonska, Line Eldholm, Line Husa, Lisbeth Buajore, Maisen Emilie Lie, Marli Blumenwitz, Olaf Leiros, Phil Dunford, Poppy Kalesi, Quirine Michielsen, Sabine Mondesert, Sunniva Skeide, Synneva Lie Karlsen, Tuva Opdahl, Vilde Tjessem, Yasmine Lindskog, Yvon Van Loon

Community participants (video performers): Alenka Herman, Alice Romberg, Beatrice Perini, Christina Agueda, Dominik Feistmantl, Dorota Beata Kotowicz, Ieva Kvaselyte, Juanjo Barreda, Karine Mangion, Laura D'Asta, Leevi Rauhalahti, Mariana Forberg, Oren Roussou, Phillip Schone, Rosalind Parker, Sandra Sok, Venla Niitemaa, Vigdís Birna Gretarsdottir, Yasmine Lindskog

During the lockdown we all experienced in Spring 2020, Hagit started to develop this new project  with her long-term collaborator Inbar Jeffery. The first research period, which happened online and while connecting with people from all around the world, ended in May 2020.

Since then we looked at all that was shared throughout this project - participants sent us so many beautiful moments, reflections, and responses by way of video, poetry and photography.

We also revisited the wonderfully insightful conversations we had on Zoom and really felt how important it was to open up the discussion and introduce the story in that way.

This video is a video composition, which incorporates for us the spirit and essence of Psyche's tale, and reflects the aesthetics of this project as it develops. We really wanted to portray an energy, sadly not all videos could be used in this version but the sensibility of all your contributions is there.

For information about our Psyche - an Online Live Event during May 2023 please click here. This was a continuation of Psyche research and will be developed further in 2024-2025 



 A film made by Inbar Jeffery for our live-online zoom performance in May 2023


A film made by Kiraly Saint Claire - of all the videos we received from the people who joined us via Zoom from all around the world/as part of our research


A trailer made by Inbar Jeffery after our Sunday Zoom sessions during the lockdown - Spring 2019


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