2008  Scroll down for performance details and video clip.

In an energetic and playful duet, a man and a woman are dealing with loving and being loved, with intensity and moments of subtleness, with fiction and reality …

Oh Baby was awarded the first prize in Kajaani Choreography Competition in Finland 2009.


Choreographer — Hagit Yakira
Performers — Takeshi Matsumoto and Hagit Yakira

Music — Portia Winters and Jacob Doran
Costume Designer — Giulia Scrimieri
Costume Maker — Eve Collins
Rehearsal Director — Melodie Gonzales
Photographer- Julia Burstein
Run time — 18min
Premiere — 6 Nov 2008, Quay Arts, Isle of Wight, England


2010 Touring

10-21 Aug — The Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland
16-17 Jun — Abundance Festival, Karlstad, Sweden
23-24 May — TanzArt, Giessen, Germany

2009 Touring

3 Oct — Mizpe Ramon, Hangar Adama Festival, Israel
6 Oct — Tmu-na Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel
8 Oct — Seminar Hakibuzim, Tel Aviv, Israel
6 Sep — Touch Wood Festival, The Place, London
31 Aug — Arcola Theatre, London
14 Jul — Bonnie Bird Theatre, Laban, London
4 Jul — Islington Festival, London
27Jun — Experimental Festival, Brighton, England
14-18 May — Reverie Dance Festival, Gent, Belgium
25-26 Apr — Jackson's Lane Theatre, London
17-19 Feb — Trinity and Laban colleges, London, as part of the Improvisation Festival “In The Moment”, London
12 Feb — Resolution! Festival, The Place, London
7-8 Feb — First prize in Kajaani international dance festival, Finland

2008 Touring

4- 6 Dec — Blue elephant theatre, London
29 Nov — The Point, Eastligh, England
20 Nov — Bonnie Bird Theatre, Laban, London
6 Nov — Quay Arts, Isle of Wight, England


“'Oh Baby’ will extend and enhance her reputation as a choreographer of wit and invention.”

— Graham Watts, Ballet Magazine

“Hagit Yakira's duet Oh Baby steps stylishly beyond the usual danced musings on coupledom ”

— Thom Shaw, The Place

“Takeshi Matsumoto and Hagit Yakira bore into the heart of human desire and never get lost. Oh Baby is a riot from the get-go. ..Entirely natural, and clearly loving every minute of it, they dig deep into the basics of love and truth, and emerge with a sparkling gem. ”

— Tara Paulsson, The Place

“A technically potent, artistically innovative piece that attains a deeper level of complexity, breaking boundaries: this can only be conceived by a talented artist. Funny, playful, and dynamic, it challenged us to step outside the box, with thought-provoking, beautifully conceptualized choreography.”

— Eshani Shriya Zakaria, Cloud Dance Festival



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