ON FALLING AND RECOVERING - a new community project throughout 2015-2016


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AIR HUNGER - a community project 2014 - a show for 22 non dancers and the composer Domenico Angaranao. 

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For more information about Hagit's project within the community please contact Hagit: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Hagit's past works:

Summer 2012-2014 - Teaching dance for Clean Break.

Summer 2012 — A guest choreographer for Dance United.

Summer 2012 - Leading a performance project for Big Dance in collaboration with JCC.

Autumn 2011 — Leading a choreographic project for Trinity-Laban's students based on the piece ‘Sunday Morning’.

Winter 2011 — Leading a Performance Project at the Place for the Bloomberg Company — ‘Bloomberg staff project’ — a community project for 15 dancers, performed at The Place and the Bloomberg Festvial.

Winter 2011 — Leading a Performance Project for the Sandown Bay Academy in collaboration with The Quay Arts Centre, for theatre and dance students.

Summer 2009 — Leading Performance Projects for Trinity-Laban's Students, creating the piece: 'It is a hello'.

Winter 2009 — Leading the Performance Project at The Place for the community adult students, creating the piece: '20 Women' 

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