Choreographer and project manager: Hagit Yakira

Dance artists: Hanne Kristin Jensen, Helene Düring Kjær, Iselin Brogeland and Ingvild Maria Thingnes.

Music: Anna Klungre 

Filmmaker: Inbar Jeffery 

IT-support: Tomas Carl Bruno 

Photographer: Eduardo Scaramuzza 

Producer: Ingvild Maria Thingnes 

Community Cast: Venla Niitemaa (Belgia), Swapnil Kulkarni (India), Laura D'Asta (UK), Sandra Sok (Serbia), Mariana Forberg (Belgia), Karine Mangion (UK), Ingrid Lausund Tengesdal (Norway), Phil Durnford (Norway), Sunniva Skeide (Norway), Olaf Leiros (Norway). 

In the fall of 2022, Hagit and a group of dancers, artists, musicians and more than 100 people from the community (worldwide) developed a site specific dance performance, forming artistic and movement expressions for Psyche’s tale. In December 2022 we presented the project as a work in progress through four performances in Stavanger (Dec-2022), with nearly 200 audience members. The project was very well received by the audience and the participants, leaving us notes of appreciation, personal experiences and wishes for the project’s continuation. Many wished for an online distribution of the project, especially those participating in the project from abroad or otherwise connected to the project or Hagit from outside of Stavanger. 

We therefore gathered in May 2023 to recreate Psyche as an online - a live experience via zoom

This online experience is another element in our research which will be continued in 2024 - 2025

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