2009 Scroll down for performance details and video clip.

A piece illustrating a fragmented picture of two people meeting in one place; an encounter that manifests intimacy, competition, challenge, tenderness and care.

The piece was created with the support of, and in residency at The Place, London — Choreodrome 2009.


Choreography — Hagit Yakira
Performers — Takeshi Matsumoto, Hagit Yakira
Rehearsal Manager — Maika Klaukien
Dramaturgy — Yarit Dor
Lighting Designer — Rachel E. Stanners
Costume Designer — Giulia Scrimieri
Costume Designer/Maker — Eve Collins
Music — Joe McPhee, Tom James Scot
School and Rivers by Tom James Scot (Bo’ Weavil Recordings) Flickring of Shadow by Tom James Scot (Bo' Weavil Recordings)
The music was provided by the music producer — Mark Moris (Bo' Weavil Recordings)
Editing — Ronen Korokaro
Photographer- Julia Burstein
Run Time — 21min
Premiere — 6 Sep 2009, Touch Wood Festival, The Place, London


2010 Touring

17-18 Aug — Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh. Part of 23 Feelings in Dance
14 Jul — Bonnie Bird Theatre, Laban, London
16-17 Jun — Abundance Festival, Karlstad, Sweden
10 Jun — Bath Fringe Festival, Bath, England
23-24 May — TanzArt, Giessen, Germany
12 Feb — Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place, London
6 Dec — Cloud Dance Festival, London

2009 Touring

26-28 Nov — The Blue Elephant Theatre, London
3 Oct — Mizpe Ramon, Hangar Adama Festival, Israel
6 Oct — Tmu-na Theatre. Tel Aviv, Israel
8 Oct — Seminar Hakibuzim, Tel Aviv, Israel
6 Sep — Robin Howard Dance Theatre, Touch Wood Festival, The Place, London


“...their friendly blend of ideas and kinetics combines likeable daring with a warmly human charm ”

— Donald Hutera, The Place

“'2 B' is a humorous and human piece of involving dance theatre. Their text enhances the unique dance style and the two personalities shine through endearingly.”

— Lindsey Clark, The Londonist


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