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Air Hunger is Commissioned by Respond. A collaboration between Yorkshire Dance, the University of Leeds, Breakfast Creatives and Liz Lerman. Together they have developed a new digital adaptation of Liz Lerman’s renowned Critical Response Process. With 1600 votes were cast from around the world, I was selected as one of two artists to make a new piece in consultation with a closed research group. For a week in September users logged on and contributed to my creative process through mutual questioning. For more information about the Respond Project please click here. 

We often forget that we breathe, but never forget to breathe. . . You’re invited to take a moment to inhale deeply. The instance of losing one’s breathe evokes many reactions, images and memories. Performers and audience will share the same breath in a collaboration that will inspire and allow moments of exhalation. Air Hunger is a sensual, emotional and honest sharing of experiences that will leave you breathless. 

'Despite unashamedly demending choreography, it was a near faultless performance. The effect took the breath away, the audience spellbound, the dancers literally gasping for air. As the finally rest, we are like them, exhausted, our emotions quite battered and drained...' (Richard Smith Morgan). 

 For the whole review please click here

...it was like watching all the unsaid and unable to be said elements of emotions of that deep experience...human relationships in all sense of the word' (audience memeber).



Choreography: Hagit Yakira

Composer: Sabio Janiak 

Performers: Sophie Arstall, Verena Schneider 

Process Mentoring: Lou Cope

Lighting Design: Mickie Mannion

Filmmaker: Ling Lee

Costume designers: Elizabeth Barker and Bettina John 

Photographer: Camilla Greenwell  




Thu 26 Jan
Laban Theatre, London
020 8463 0100

Tue 31 Jan
stage@leeds, Leeds
0113 343 8730

Thu 9 Feb
Ffwrnes, Llanelli
0845 226 3510

Wed 22 Feb
The House, Plymouth University, Plymouth
01752 600 600

Tue 28 Feb
Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham
01476 406158

Thu 2 Mar
Circomedia, Bristol
0117 947 7288

Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018 Tour Dates: 
Sunday 24th September
Thursday 12th October
Thursday 19th October
Saturday 25th November
Tuesday 28th November  
Sunday 21st January 2018
Thursday 28th March 2018 
Friday 4th May 2018
Thursday 10th May 2018 
Saturday 2nd June 2018
Hidden Doors Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland


During the rehearsal periods we had to submit two videos. Those videos were available for only a number of people to watch and to comment. We can finally share these videos with everyone. 


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